Sunday, 7 February 2010

Imagination ....

Imagination gives you the picture. Vision gives you the impulse
to make the picture your own.
John Collier


  1. What a beautiful gate! A perfect match for the great quote.

  2. Yes! I hear the sound of the black iron gate crying out as it quickly shuts behind me and feel drawn, pulled into the mirroring black arched tunnel... like Alice falling through the hole. A land vortex. It is not a haunting scene however, the green and ornamental silhouettes of little angels and peacocks ?... above the gate are calming, but one cannot be certain what lurks through the archway ... it is pure darkness and mystery in such extreme contrast to the bright light before it. All the beauty could be a cover up for the torture chamber within... or there might be a deep cool pool mirroring ones future... it is surrounded by lush dark greens... trees with spanish moss dripping into the water... Great perspective! Wonderful photo! One's imagination can fly in such a place. ;>)

  3. That gate is so inviting isn't it - beckoning me to come on in

  4. I am a part time artist and that is so true.