Friday, 16 October 2009

The secret of happiness ...

The secret of happiness is to admire without desiring.
Carl Sandburg


  1. Oh boy, that is sometimes a hard one. ~ Lovely picture and sentiment.


  2. Well said. I like Carl Sandburg.

  3. Hi Lottie, your photographs are absolutely beautiful! I would love to read your writing too. I figure if that is your calling and this is your hobby, your writing is well worth reading.

    I moved my lonely follower list back to the top. I didn't think anyone was interested.

  4. Hello Lottie,

    I really love what Carl says....

  5. I find I get better at this as I get older. I got past the "want, want, want" stage that my teenage stepson is just reaching now, and have reached the "thats lovely but its ok that I don't have it" stage!

  6. Lovely quote Lottie ... letting go of the desire to own everything... Beautiful photo! It is hard to see that butterfly and not to want to have its image forever. Ah... but it flies on free ... and now your image a beautiful thing to share with all of us. Carol